Posted by Ben in Some Other Things on June 5th 2013 @ 11:36pm GMT
Way back in 2007, when I first moved from the UK to the US, I knew I'd be trading in my Cadbury's, my Galaxy and my Toffee Crisp for Hershey's, Dove and Three Musketeers. I knew American chocolate was laughably poor, and in the last six years I've not hidden my contempt for the stuff.

But I'm making an effort to wipe away years of chocolatey prejudice and start over, and I'm taking my adventures into the world of American candy to the internet in the form of a video blog called British Candy Authority, which I'll be doing every week for Kill9 Studios (whom some of you may recall I co-wrote and produced Boomer's Day Off with back in 2009).

Here's the first episode, where I have a taste of an American standard in candy, Hershey's Milk Chocolate.

New episodes will be posted every Wednesday at 9am PST - about 5pm if you're in the UK. Have an idea for which candy bar you'd like to see me review leave a comment on the video or send a tweet to @BenPaddon.

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Posted by Donald Nichols on June 20th 2013 @ 7:33pm GMT
I agree about the Hershey's. From childhood, I remember a product of the Mars company called "Forever Yours" which was a caramel covered with dark chocolate. (I really don't care for milk chocolates).
From slightly more recent times, I really liked the "Bombones La Universal" in Guyaquil Ecuador. (American, but "South American", and have liked many other imported chocolates, but few US produced ones. One, which I really liked, but which is no longer carried by the Trader Joe's chain was a Swiss-made varietal chocolate originating in Ecuador again. Currently, my choice is the Lindt "Intense Mint".
I'm sorry to see Jump Leads at an end, and I found this by following a link from another site which suggested that it was still a going strip.

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