Posted by Ben in Scifi Fandom on August 5th 2007 @ 8:01am GMT
I watched Galaxy Quest tonight for the first time in, I think, six years. It really is a spectacular film, both parodying and paying respect to Star Trek and Trek fandom, while still being a very cool, very funny science fiction film in its own right. I can't think of a single solid reason for any self-respecting scifi fan not to own that movie on DVD.

Also, Eric of Truck Bearing Kibble fame has pointed me in the direction of an old Disney movie called The Black Hole. He mentioned how Jump Leads reminded him of this old film which has a special place in his heart, so I now feel obliged to track down a copy and watch it. From the clips I've seen in various places, the special effects certainly look good considering the time the film was made (1979, and not the late 60s as I had originally put here), and from what Eric told me about the story it sound s like it might be a pretty solid movie too. I'll soon see, won't I?

I shall also point out - we'll soon be adding an "About" page to serve as a sort-of "First Timer's Guide" to the comic. It'll be updated as the story progresses. We're also going to put a link to the first page of the first issue as well, so that people who haven't seen the site before can just leap to the beginning and go from there if they wish. Hopefully that will happen during this week coming. It would have happened earlier but my Web Monkey, Daniel, and I both picked up Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword this week and suffice to say we've not got a lot of anything done.

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