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Posted by Michelle Osorio on October 28th 2008 @ 9:08am GMT
FIRST! Where be teh issue coverz? Glad that guy didn't blow up. That'd be a waste of perfect white teeth.

Posted by bachterman on October 28th 2008 @ 9:13am GMT
i sense a tribute to terminator 2...

Posted by jolson42 on October 28th 2008 @ 11:06am GMT
I sense a tribute to Starslip Crisis.

Posted by RoboDude on October 28th 2008 @ 1:04pm GMT
Wicked !!! a new chapter...GEEKPOWER !!!!

Posted by Joanna on October 28th 2008 @ 1:43pm GMT
w00t! My Tuesday is complete.

Posted by Shannon on October 28th 2008 @ 8:10pm GMT
That's not a defect, it's a feature. His gas mileage in that car just went up exponentially.

Silly question - in metric nations, do they call it gas kilometerage? (Chrome's spellchecker says no, but it might be biased.)

Posted by Phydeux on October 28th 2008 @ 8:56pm GMT
I like this guy's art best out of all the guests so far. I know they all draw better than me, but the first looked like a kid did it.

Oh, and Shannon, be careful with Chrome. It has a sneaky habit of sending lots of information back home to Google whether you're aware of it or not. Just FYI.

Posted by Ben on October 28th 2008 @ 9:28pm GMT
Phydeux: This isn't a guest page. That's JjAR. I just forgot to add his signature to the page! I'll do that tonight.

Shannon: Distance is mostly measured in Miles in the UK.

Posted by JakeS on October 28th 2008 @ 9:58pm GMT
No issue cover?

Posted by Djagir on October 30th 2008 @ 4:00am GMT
Is it just me, or does that guy look like the love child of Meaney and Llewellyn?

Posted by Fr33Lanc3r on October 30th 2008 @ 6:44am GMT
Shannon: Coming from australia, we just call it how many kilometers we can go with the amount of petrol we have. There may be a fancy name for it, but it's not kilometreage.
Love the comic

Posted by RoboDude on October 30th 2008 @ 10:51am GMT
Yeah...we call it "Kilometers per Litre", and here is the translator you should be using:



Posted by KuroArm on October 30th 2008 @ 7:43pm GMT
In spanish there is the word you are looking for, kilometraje but it does not have its corresponding word in english. and kilometerage just sound wrong...

great comic, keep it up...

Posted by Andrew on October 31st 2008 @ 1:42am GMT
I've always heard it called either 'milage' or 'fuel efficiency', but then, we use miles more than kilometres (more's the pity) and most nearby countries that don't wouldn't say 'milage' because they don't speak English. So I don't know.

Posted by Underfoot on October 31st 2008 @ 6:37pm GMT
Definitely looks like the love child of Meaney and Llewellyn, Djagir.

Posted by DustinP on November 6th 2008 @ 3:10pm GMT
The art just keeps getting better, lol I'm just getting caught up.

Posted by Rags on August 22nd 2010 @ 7:24am GMT
My first impression was that the car exploded. Then I noticed the lines and went "Oh, it's a giant tennis ball... no wait, I mean the Flurry."
It does kind of look like a giant tennis ball though.Cheesy

Posted by Loki's Disciple on December 1st 2011 @ 9:41am GMT
Giant tennis balls FTW

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